Oct 14

International Experiences Fuel Interest in Economics

Global experiences can expand one’s perspective in many ways, and present paths to opportunities previously unforeseen. For Teka Lanahan (BS in Economics, 2019), these experiences are exactly what attracted him to economics. Born in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia and moving to Asheville, North Carolina in his childhood, he became interested in uncovering the mechanisms behind what … Continued

Oct 09

Anna Sullivan: Social Media and Marketing

7 Questions with a Spartan BS Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies 2014 Founder, The Creative Exchange 1. What do you love most about your job? I love that I wake up everyday knowing I am pursuing my dream and able to work with people I choose. I run a small company so everyone has to … Continued

Sep 27

You got lost? So what!

A Study Abroad Adventure Begins By Vivian O’BrienJunior marketing major with a minor in economics As the train rumbles towards its final destination, my heart is pumping blood to my legs faster and faster, building up adrenaline as the train comes to a halt. The doors open at a methodically slow pace, and I burst … Continued

Sep 12

How to Party like it’s 1969!

This year marks the Bryan School’s 50th anniversary, and to celebrate we’re planning a throw-back homecoming party beyond anything the Bryan School has seen before! On October 19, the Bryan School will play host to alumni and friends in the EUC Cone Ballrooms with the theme “Party like it’s 1969”. But how do you party … Continued

Aug 30

Eric Durham: Fund Development

Seven Questions with a Spartan BS in Business Administration and BA in Music, 2011Current job: Senior Development Manager, JDRF What do you love most about your job? Creatively brainstorming ways to engage with our corporate partners to find solutions that work best for their company, while also providing an impact on promising Type 1 Diabetes … Continued

Aug 14

The Cost and ROI of Graduate School

If you’re considering a graduate degree, you probably have questions about how you’ll finance your education, and if there will be a good return on your investment. Here are some options and insights to consider as you make your decision. How can I finance my graduate degree? Financial Aid You can apply for federal financial … Continued

Feb 22

Travel Like a Pro

Associate Professor Bonnie Canziani has traveled around the world for both business and fun. Here are some of her tips that will help take the stress out of traveling, make a trip more affordable, and ensure a memorable experience. Planning for a Successful Trip SCHEDULE trips based on weather, holidays, and events. Be flexible and consider staying longer at … Continued

Feb 08

An Explorer of Analytics

Ryan Emerson canoed the Mississippi River alone from central Minnesota to New Orleans in 88 days. Three weeks later, he started his Master’s in Applied Economics. It should come as no surprise, then, that Emerson’s current colleagues describe him as motivated and focused. Emerson has developed his own style of work/life balance. When traveling for … Continued

Nov 16

The Perfect Pair: Passion and a Degree

After working in the healthcare field for 10 years, Beth Fisher ’16 knew it was time to take on a new role in the industry. She paired her past skills as a Speech and Language Pathologist with an MBA degree to build a new career as a Performance Improvement Advisor within the healthcare industry. “I … Continued

Oct 31

Intern Intentionality

This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern with VF Corporation as their Global Compensation Intern. Having prior internship and full-time work experience, I wanted to make sure to approach this opportunity with intentionality. So often, we get sucked into a routine of learning a position solely based on the job description when there … Continued

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