Feb 08

An Explorer of Analytics

Ryan Emerson canoed the Mississippi River alone from central Minnesota to New Orleans in 88 days. Three weeks later, he started his Master’s in Applied Economics. It should come as no surprise, then, that Emerson’s current colleagues describe him as motivated and focused. Emerson has developed his own style of work/life balance. When traveling for … Continued

Nov 16

The Perfect Pair: Passion and a Degree

After working in the healthcare field for 10 years, Beth Fisher ’16 knew it was time to take on a new role in the industry. She paired her past skills as a Speech and Language Pathologist with an MBA degree to build a new career as a Performance Improvement Advisor within the healthcare industry. “I … Continued

Oct 31

Intern Intentionality

This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern with VF Corporation as their Global Compensation Intern. Having prior internship and full-time work experience, I wanted to make sure to approach this opportunity with intentionality. So often, we get sucked into a routine of learning a position solely based on the job description when there … Continued

Oct 22

Standing Out by Adding a Master’s Degree

Unsure of what to do after graduation? Bryan School alumnus Elizabeth Friss was in the same situation after earning her BS in Accounting in 2015. “I was not sure of my next move. I had an internship for the summer but was unsure of what to do next. I decided to get my MS in … Continued

Sep 07

Writing a Job Posting That Works

When was the last time you applied for a job at your own company? Was it a pleasant, user-friendly experience that left you wanting to go to work there all over again? If so, no need to read further. If not, it’s time to maximize the power of the job posting. How well do you … Continued

Apr 30

What Can I Do With an MS in International Business?

You’re probably expecting this blog post to be like all those other online articles. You know, the ones where a career expert tells you the 10 international business job titles trending in 2018 or the outlook for the highest paying international business careers in the next decade. Well it’s not that kind of post. You’ll … Continued

Apr 20

How to Customize Your MBA

An MBA is a generalist degree, but that doesn’t mean that MBA graduates can’t leave a program with specialized areas of expertise. At UNC Greensboro’s Bryan School of Business and Economics, both Early Career Professional and Experienced Professional students can customize their MBA experiences to meet their individual interests and career goals. The Bryan School’s … Continued

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