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Econ Community Partners Program

The Economics Community Partners Program serves to build relationships with employers and alumni to create a pipeline to connect talented, qualified students with prospective employers and internship opportunities; respond to market demand to develop highly-skilled workers, reduce barriers to higher education for employees currently in the workforce – specifically in fields best served by an economics degree – and reach prospective students where they are: through their place of employment.

Employees of partnering firms and agencies will receive application fee waivers for graduate economics programs and GRE/GMAT waivers to the MA in Applied Economics program.

Employers interested in partnering with the department should contact or call (336) 256-1010 to learn more.

Department head

Anne Royalty
Dr. Anne Royalty

Department Head

Recognized Partners

Advisory Board Members

The Advisory Board is an independent organization providing support and assistance to UNC Greensboro’s Department of Economics. The Board was established in 2015 with the purpose of providing advice and counsel to the department on how it may better serve its students, the University, and the economics profession, and to support and advocate on behalf of the Department to the community it serves. The mission of the board is to advise the Department on its progress and interactions with students, business partners, and community to develop, plan and facilitate specific targeted activities that advance goals both at the departmental and School level. In carrying out this mission, the Board and its members will:

  1. Provide advice to the Department Head in defining the vision that leads to the betterment of the economics department and its students
  2. Identify and cultivate business, industry, and government contacts which may collaborate with, support, and enhance instructional and research activities
  3. Strengthen ties between the Department and the business community, government agencies, and other prospective employers of program graduates as well as providers of internship opportunities
  4. Act as a sounding board for new initiatives and alternative strategies
  5. Provide industry input and advice for the Department’s strategic direction and curriculum
  6. Serve as liaison between the academic leadership of the economics department and professionals in economics careers
  7. Serve as an ambassador in the community on behalf of the Economics Department
  8. Provide philanthropic support to the Economics Department on a yearly basis
Mr. Keith Becker
Ms. Amelia Hopkins
Mr. Andrew Hiles
Mr. David Jolley, Chairman
Dr. Brant Morefield, Ph.D.
Mr. John Quigley,
Mr. Jon Robinson
Mr. Brandon Langley
Dr. Monica Schmidt, PhD
Mr. Bob Pugh
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