Bryan Prelude

Your introduction to a graduate business degree.

We offer individuals the opportunity to take designated graduate business courses without having to be admitted to a graduate business degree program at the Bryan School. Admission requirements are on the lower portion of this page.

MBA Experienced Professional Program

Designed for working professionals.
If you’re considering an MBA, but aren’t sure if you are ready, try the Bryan Prelude.

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Master’s of Accounting

No accounting background needed.
This track of the Bryan Prelude is intended for individuals whose undergraduate degree is not in accounting and who wish to take undergraduate-level, prerequisite coursework for the Master’s in Accounting.

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Master’s of Information Technology and Management

Preview online or on-campus.
The version of the Bryan Prelude allows individuals take two courses over two semesters to preview our MS in IT and Management program.

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Interested? We do have a few requirements.

  • A submitted graduate application (for “Application Type” select “Non-degree (Visions)” and select “Bryan Prelude” for both “Program/Department” and “Concentration/Major”). The Application Fee is $25.
  • An official undergraduate transcript, verifying that an undergraduate degree has been conferred, and that includes courses and grades (required). Applicants whose Grade Point Average (GPA) is below a 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) must be approved by the program director. A combination of work experience and education could on rare occasion possibly substitute for GPA requirements. Applicants may provide an official transcript of graduate studies (optional).
  • A personal statement of interest that explains your attraction to the program and how you plan on utilizing the course(s). Please clearly state which graduate program you are interested in.
  • A current resume.


Unless otherwise noted, Bryan Prelude students are subject to the policies and procedures provided for Visiting and Non-degree Seeking Students found in The Graduate School Bulletin.

A Bryan Prelude student who registers for a course in a subsequent term is required to resubmit the graduate application.

Individuals who are permitted to enroll at the University as Bryan Prelude students may take courses numbered 100-749 that have not been restricted by the departments (see The Graduate School Bulletin and the Course Schedule). Note however, that only select, graduate-level courses will transfer.

Should a Bryan Prelude student wish to apply for admission to The Graduate School, subject to the written recommendation of the major department and the approval of the Dean of The Graduate School, up to six (6) semester hours of such credit may be accepted toward a degree and up to three (3) semester hours of such credit may be accepted toward a certificate. Credit earned must fall within the timeline for completing the degree.

Students receive academic credit and thereby produce an official transcript for courses taken as a Bryan Prelude student. Substandard coursework can diminish the possibility of admission to a graduate program at UNCG and earning satisfactory grades does not guarantee admission into a graduate program at UNCG.


Application deadlines

Be sure to submit and complete your application in full before the deadline.

Fall Semester
August 1st
Spring Semester
December 1st
Summer Semester
April 1st

Seating capacity for graduate business courses is limited. Applications for admission and course registrations are administered on a rolling basis.


Have a question?

Mary Lesa Pegg
Graduate Recruiter
Office 301-U, Bryan Building
(336) 256-1432

Free GMAT Prep Course

All Bryan Prelude applicants are able to enroll in our GMAT prep class. The goal of the class is to explain the structure of the test, how grading and evaluation work, and what to expect when the test itself is administered.

Classes meet one night per week for one month. Each class session is three hours long.

GMAT Prep Course

Master's of Accounting


Because these courses are undergraduate-level, interested individuals may apply through Undergraduate Admissions as a Second Degree Student.

Upon completing the following courses as the Bryan Prelude, the prerequisite coursework for the degree program will be waived.

ACC-202: Managerial Accounting
ACC-218: Financial Statement Preparation and Disclosures
ACC-318: Intermediate Accounting I
ACC-319: Intermediate Accounting II
ACC-325: Accounting Transaction Processing Systems
ACC-330: Cost Accounting
ACC-420: Federal Tax Concepts
ACC-440: Auditing Concepts

Master's of IT and Management


Students who intend to pursue one of our graduate certificates in IT may only take, and potentially transfer, one course.

ACC-201: Financial Accounting*
SCM-302: Operations Management*
ISM-671: Organizing Data for Analytics
ISM-673: Designing Secure Networks and Internet of Things for Business

* Recommended prerequisites for students applying to the program without a business background.
Please note: only the courses listed above will transfer to the degree program.