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Students transferring business course credit from other accredited two-year or four-year degree programs, or are planning to take courses may need to have those business courses reviewed for transfer equivalency.

Only courses that you have earned a C or higher grade will be considered for transfer, per university policy.

Before you submit this request for business transfer course review please make sure you have already spoken with your advisor to make sure this is the appropriate form.

  • You must first check to confirm that the course you are requesting has not already been reviewed, and is not listed on the University Transfer Equivalency System (TES).  Many courses have already been evaluated so they do not need to be further evaluated for you to receive credit. Some transfer credits may articulate as electives or non-specific departmental (000) credit which could indicate that the course has not been reviewed or if reviewed the course is going to count as a free elective only.
  • If you are transferring courses from any North Carolina Community College, then these courses are already approved through a common articulation agreement. Some courses and requirements only transfer if you completed the associates degree.  Otherwise, courses that are not part of the common articulation agreement will not transfer and these courses cannot be reviewed by the Bryan School as we have no authority to override the state-wide common articulation agreement.
  • The Bryan School can only review courses from disciplines that are taught by our faculty. You will work with your assigned advisor to get a referral to the relevant academic department if the courses you request an evaluation for are not business courses.
  • Business courses from 2-year institutions are most often not accepted for 300-level or above credit.
  • This form is not for evaluation of how a different institution will accept Bryan School business courses. You will work with your assigned advisor to get a referral if you want to transfer credit OUT of the Bryan School.
  • A thorough and complete review takes longer to process than students expect. The Bryan School endeavors to ensure that all courses are considered within the context of maintaining accreditation and academic rigor for all students. It is not uncommon for a thorough and complete course review to take 20 business days to process.

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