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As Professional Advisors, our main role is to partner with students in their academic journey to degree completion. All of our advisors have advanced degrees and specialize in helping students navigate the college environment. Our services include academic goal setting, course selection, assisting with major and minor decisions, graduation planning, recommendation letters, and academic referrals. We build relationships with our students and partner with departments across campus to ensure that students have the answers they need.

Bryan Undergraduate Student Services uses Starfish to set up one-to-one appointments throughout the year. Starfish is a system that allows our students to have direct access to their advisor’s calendar for ease of scheduling appointments at any time for any reason.

Here are some of the types of appointments you can schedule in Starfish

The professional advisors in the Bryan Undergraduate Student Services office are here to help you with anything you need while you are in the Bryan School. Academic advising is a partnership between advisor and student, so please feel free to set up an appointment to have a discussion with your advisor about your needs, questions, and/or concerns. We are here to help, and we are happy to help.

Do you know what you need to register for? Every student is required to meet with their advisor at least once each semester for registration advising. Your advisor will help you figure out which classes you need and advise you on getting your requirements completed in a timely manner. Your advisor will give you the advising code during this appointment, which you will need to access the registration system. Registration happens every semester! We typically start seeing students for registration advising in September for the Spring terms and February for the Summer and Fall terms.

Do you have a target graduation date in mind? Are you trying to fit in experiences like internships or study abroad during your time at UNCG? Meet with your advisor to plan out all remaining requirements by semester to determine what you need to do to graduate. We can look at different scenarios to help you determine whether or not you want to take summer classes; how many classes to take per semester; and how a major or minor change would impact your plan.

What do you want to do when you graduate? What kind of work do you find most interesting? Are you maximizing your resources and taking advantage of opportunities that will help you get started in a career? Set up an appointment with your advisor for additional information about how to identify and achieve your goals. Learn more about your options for professional development and reaching your career goals here:

Is your major right for you? Do you have an interest in a 2nd major or minor? If you are considering changing or adding a major or minor, set up an appointment with your advisor today. We can help you identify all of your options and show you the next steps in the process. If you have already decided what you want to do, you can use the forms below to officially change your major in the system, but we recommend that you speak with your advisor also.

The Bryan School highly recommends that students participate in a Study Abroad experience if possible. UNCG has partner institutions around the world, so there are many, many options. Bryan School advisors work very closely with our students planning to study abroad. Study abroad would not necessarily delay your graduation–Bryan Student Services Advisors will help you come up with a plan to  take courses abroad that will meet specific major requirements for your degree.Assistance with planning your study abroad experience. Click here for additional information on your options and the study abroad process:

Your Bryan School advisor can provide assistance with dropping or withdrawing from a course. There can be serious outcomes to consider with a drop or withdrawal, so speaking with your advisor before you do anything would definitely be in your best interest. Each student is allowed to withdraw from up to 16 credit hours total, but there are deadlines that can have a serious impact on your GPA and academic standing. If you drop a course before the deadline for drops without academic penalty, the course will not hurt your GPA. If you drop a course too late, you would receive a failing grade. Contact your advisor before you make your decision. The Students First Office is also a great resource:

During your undergraduate career, there may be a time when you find it is best for you to withdraw from the University. Set up an appointment with your advisor to talk through your options before you withdraw. If that is ultimately what you decide, undergraduate students who wish to withdraw from UNCG may do so in one of two ways: withdraw from all courses at any point throughout the fall or spring semester, thus dropping down to 0 credit hours or do not register for courses by the end of the drop/add period in the fall or spring semester
If you are considering a Total University Withdrawal, meet with your advisor to consider any additional options before making a final decision about your enrollment. The Students First Office is also a great resource:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each semester to discuss courses for the next term 
  • If you have questions about your degree requirements
  • If you are thinking about dropping a course or changing your major
  • If you are considering studying abroad 
  • If you have general questions about your academic path

  • To ensure you are taking the most important courses for degree completion
  • To avoid taking unnecessary courses
  • To ensure you are aware of all GPA and grade requirements
  • To discuss how your major and courses align with your professional goals

  • Peak advising is the time where advisors focus on course selection for the next term.  Appointment times are shortened and other appointment types (like graduation plans, study abroad interests meetings, etc) are typically postponed.  Peak advising usually lasts about 8 weeks in fall and spring terms.

  • How: students register for classes through Schedule Hero. This process is taught to all new and returning students before starting their degree.  If you ever need a refresher on the process please checkout information found on the Schedule Hero webpage as well as this Bryan School Resource.
  • When: registration windows are based on your class standing and campus designation.  The dates change year to year.  You can check your registration date in UNCGenie each term.

  • Your advisor is working hard to be efficient in responding to your emails– they will get back to you as time allows.
  • Keep in mind that during the busiest time in the semester, advisors can receive upwards of 40-50 emails a day
  • Remember that advisors are not typically responding to emails on weekends or outside of normal business hours (8am-5pm)
  • We always appreciate your patience as we do our best to address each student concern as quickly as possible! Did you know that we send/receive over 150,000 emails a year?

  • Is your major right for you? Do you have an interest in a 2nd major or minor? If you are considering changing or adding a major or minor, set up an appointment with your advisor today. We can help you identify all of your options and show you the next steps in the process. If you have already decided what you want to do, you can use the forms below to officially change your major in the system, but we recommend that you speak with your advisor also.

  • Current online degree options from the Bryan School include
    • Accounting
    • Business Administration
      • Business Studies
      • Human Resources
    • Economics- Bachelor of Arts
    • Economics- Bachelor of Science
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance
    • Hospitality and Tourism Management
      • Hospitality Travel and Tourism Management
      • Esports Management
    • Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
      • Business Analytics
      • Cyber Security
      • Information Systems
      • Supply Chain Management
    • Marketing
      • Professional Selling
      • Strategic Marketing
      • Social Media

  • The answer to this is different for every student.  It will depend on how many classes you take each semester, if you include summer or winter session classes, if you have transfer credit, if you withdraw or do not pass any classes, how well you plan your classes, etc.  Your Advisor is here to help you complete your requirements efficiently–you can schedule a meeting to create a graduation plan to map out exactly when you’ll finish and which classes you’ll take in each term to get there.

  • Students may receive a registration hold for several reasons including missing final transcripts from prior institutions, past academic performance that is affecting academic standing, or other reasons. If any holds are flagged in the Registration Status screen, students should check with the relevant department to clear them as soon as possible to prevent registration delays.

  • Our office is open 8a-5p Monday through Friday. You are always welcome to reach out for assistance at 336-334-5928 or via email at [email protected].

  • Sometimes classes will use an electronic waitlist.  In those instances, you can add to the waitlist if there is remaining capacity.  If the course is closed and there is no waitlist, we recommend that you seek out an alternative option.  If there is urgency that you take the specific course and that specific time, you should reach out to your advisor to see what options they can recommend.

BRyan Undergraduate Student Services

Phone: 336.334.5928

(Monday – Friday | 8:00am – 5:00pm)

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address

Bryan Undergraduate Student Services
P.O. Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402

Physical Address

Room 137, Bryan Building
516 Stirling Street
Greensboro, NC 27412

Advising Information

The Bryan School of Business has a team of professional advisors who work with students from orientation to graduation. The University requires you to work with your assigned advisor each term for registration advising, and we offer a wide variety of services throughout the year to help our students successfully navigate the academic experience.

Advisor Assignments

As a Bryan School student, you are assigned a professional advisor according to your last name. Your individual advisor is always listed on your degree work report in UNCGenie.


We offer in-person, phone, and virtual appointments for your convenience. All appointments must be scheduled through Starfish, where you have access to your assigned advisor’s appointment schedule.

Academic Goals

Your advisor’s primary responsibility is to assist you with course planning and selection, but advisors also help students identify and pursue academic, personal, and career goals. We know that these goals are often intertwined, so students are welcome to schedule appointments to talk with advisors about these more involved matters.

Accessing and reviewing your Degree Works evaluation with your advisor is the best first step towards setting and evaluating your goals. We depend on you to be proactive in defining your goals and to ask for assistance whenever it is needed. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your academic goals with your advisor regularly to stay on track.

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