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Request permission to drop/add a course

Registration Exception Approval Form-  See the Registration Calendar for all deadlines.

Use UNCGenie for all online registration during the normal registration period.

See registration instructions for drop/add instructions. Continuing students must use the same advising code giving during advisement for drop/add processing using UNCGenie. This advising code is used for making any registration adjustments throughout the semester. Before you submit the drop/add slip for processing it is the student’s responsibility to check for registration restrictions. If you do not meet the restrictions listed you will not be allowed to register for the class.

Adding Closed or Restricted Courses

To add any class without a waiting list that is closed or restricted, you must obtain special permission from the department or instructor. Forms of special permission include special departmental stamps and the instructor’s written signature on an official drop/add form (available from the University Registrar’s Office and departmental offices). A process that allows the instructor to override his or her own courses online is available, after which you may register on the Web. If your instructor does not opt to use this method, you may have your drop/add form processed in the University Registrar’s Office, 180 Mossman.

Withdrawal from All Courses

Students who must withdraw from the University may do so by dropping all courses via the Web through UNCGenie. Students who drop all courses are considered to be withdrawn from the University and must seek reactivation or readmission through Undergraduate Admissions or The Graduate School to return to school in subsequent terms.

See the Military Call-Up Policy that governs withdrawal of students called to active duty.

Bryan Undergraduate Student Services

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Director of Undergraduate Student Services and Retention

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