7 Questions with a Spartan: AMP, MBA with Jadyn Koranteng 

Posted on January 02, 2024

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Jadyn Koranteng ’24 knows how to AMPlify her potential. A business administration major with a concentration in human resources, Jadyn is part of the Bryan School of Business and Economics’ Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP), which allows undergraduate students to get dual credit for graduate-level courses. A challenging yet exciting opportunity, Jadyn shares more about AMP and her journey as a UNCG Bryan student in this edition of 7 Questions with a Spartan.

Tell us about yourself – who are you, what are you studying, what are your goals and aspirations, etc. 

I am a senior studying business administration with a concentration in human resources and participating in AMP on the MBA track. I am an aspiring human resources professional, and I am drawn to the field because of my passion for helping others reach their fullest potential. I am excited to serve as a bridge between employers and employees to ensure that all voices are heard. HR is at the heart of advocating for equity and inclusion, which I am always looking to champion. I remain active on campus by serving as a Team Leader in the Bryan School and the VP of Membership for the Spartan Investment Club.  

Why did you choose to come to the Bryan School for your undergraduate degree?

I chose the Bryan School for my undergraduate studies for several reasons. Firstly, my high school counselor, Miss Crews, who is a proud UNCG alumna, recommended the university based on her positive experiences and the support she felt as a Black woman. My campus visit left a lasting impression on me. Stepping onto the UNCG campus on a beautiful autumn day, surrounded by the vibrant colors of the changing leaves, I immediately fell in love with the welcoming environment.

The university’s strong academic reputation, particularly in the Bryan School, was another big draw for me. Lastly, being awarded the prestigious Kathleen Price and Joseph M. Bryan Scholarship further solidified my decision to attend UNCG. These factors, combined with the opportunity to engage in leadership roles on campus, made UNCG and the Bryan School the perfect place for me to pursue my academic and professional journey. 

What, in your own words, is the Accelerated Master’s Program? 

The Accelerated Master’s Program presents an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to learn practical and challenging subjects at the graduate level. It expands academic horizons and, at the same time, offers a way to gauge whether graduate life aligns with your aspirations.  

What made you interested in the Accelerated Master’s Program? 

I was drawn to the Accelerated Master’s Program because I have always been interested in pursuing higher education at the graduate level.  When I realized that it would give me a head start on completing my MBA, it piqued my interest. Not to mention, this program is available to UNCG students at no extra expense. This means I can acquire nine credit hours of graduate-level education while paying the tuition fees of an undergraduate program. 

What advice would you give fellow undergraduate students who are interested in the Accelerated Master’s Program? 

My advice to fellow undergraduate students interested in the Accelerated Master’s Program is to do your research on how a graduate education can enhance your future career opportunities. Take time to explore your interests and research the program thoroughly. Seek advice from mentors and program advisors on how this could help shape your future.

Lastly, there is a GPA requirement for the Accelerated Master’s Program, so focus on building a strong academic foundation during your undergraduate experience. 

Is there anything you would like to add?

Go G!!


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