Opening the Bryan Briefcase

Posted on September 11, 2019

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Graduate students have gained an exciting new resource to assist them in their professional development this year. Bryan Briefcase is an online portal containing resources and information tailored to help students in any phase of their career. The resources are accessible on Canvas, the school’s online learning platform.

Bryan Briefcase was developed by Megan Parker, graduate student professional development specialist, to provide students with a healthy mix of content on career topics such as networking and interviewing. “Bryan Briefcase was created for the students, by the students,” said Parker. “Everything we put to the portal will be based on what graduate students tell us they need or would like to learn regarding their professional development.”

Bryan Briefcase is the first known resource of its kind to be made available to students. Parker enthusiastically noted, “I’ve never heard of another school putting something like this together. I’m excited to say that we’re the first to roll out a platform like Bryan Briefcase to assist our students.”

The portal currently features articles and videos containing advice on topics ranging from dressing for an interview to proper business lunch etiquette. Students will also find resources on general workplace etiquette to use once they’ve landed a job.

“A lot of great information has been added so far, including videos contributed by BB&T on subjects like proper workplace behavior and staying motivated. We’ve also added articles on interview preparation and building your resume,” said Parker. She added that new resources, including resume templates and other tools, will appear in the portal on a regular basis throughout the year.

At the Bryan School, all students are taught the importance of networking. It should come as no surprise that Bryan Briefcase incorporates an interactive element. Students will be able, and are highly encouraged, to use it to connect and collaborate on important projects using message boards and chat features. The portal will also feature a calendar loaded with important dates and will serve as a location for exclusive workshops and webinars.


Story and photos by Larry Johnson


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