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MS in Accounting

Gain practical accounting work experience before graduation

Our internship program offers students the opportunity to gain practical accounting work experience before graduation and to receive academic credit for completing a paid public accounting or industry internship. Unique aspects of the program include direct recruitment on campus by public accounting and industry recruiters who have a long history of hiring our students; a customized program to prepare students for recruiting season; and participation by alumni of the program to assist current students in realizing career goals.

This experience is often invaluable for students entering the accounting profession. Successful internships often result in full-time offers prior to graduation. The program has relationships with Big Four accounting firms; large national, regional, and local public accounting firms; and nationally and internationally known industry partners.


You must be accepted into the program by the time that you start your internship. Students must obtain an internship position that requires significant use of accounting or finance skills to qualify for the internship course. Internships may take place in public accounting, industry, or government. To receive academic credit, the internship position must be approved in advance by the Instructor who administers this course. The internship must consist of at least 320 hours of employment and the intern must complete a written paper on the internship experience. Typically, internships take place between January and March and then interns return to campus for the remainder of the semester. Students may be paid by internship employers for their work and will receive three hours of graduate course credit.

Typically, the internship program begins with a “Skills Seminar” in late-July or early-August, in preparation for the interview process. An exclusive MSA social takes place during the first two weeks of September and includes representatives from public accounting firms, industry, and/or government agencies. On-campus interviews with participating firms take place during the first two weeks of September. Follow-up office interviews, offers, and acceptances are usually complete by early October. The actual internship is usually served from early January through mid-March. However, internships may take place at any time of the year as long as they are approved in advance by the Instructor who administers this course.

Students may also obtain internships through their own initiative. However, you must consult with the instructor of the course prior to starting the internship in order to receive academic credit.

How to get started

Notify our Internship Coordinator, Mr. Jess Bankhead, at [email protected] of your interest in having an internship. Additionally, you must attend the Skills Seminar.

We encourage students to keep mind that this is the beginning of your accounting career and, thus, we discourage taking other courses at the same time as a full-time internship so that your focus on your performing at your best. For students with “busy season” internships, we offer condensed courses in the second half of the spring semester, which enables students to maintain full-time status.

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If you still have questions regarding our MS in Accounting program please reach out to our graduate recruitment team by phone or email. You may also schedule a time to meet with one of our recruiters or attend one of our upcoming information sessions.

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Kiger Chapman

Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment
Phone: 336-334-4657
Bryan 301K
[email protected]

Savannah Martin

Graduate Recruitment Specialist
Phone: 336-334-4657
Bryan 301F
[email protected]

Jess Bankhead

MSA Program Director & Academic Advisor
Phone: 336-334-4657
Bryan 342
[email protected]

How to Get Started

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