MS in Accounting

Learn in diverse classrooms and enhance your career preparation

We’ve designed this program around student-focused learning with an emphasis on CPA exam topics. If you’re seeking a CPA licensure and aim to work in public accounting or private industry, set yourself apart with our professional graduate degree.

Hands-on learning opportunities

A major component of the UNCG MSA program is its internship program, which offers students the opportunity to receive academic credit for completing a paid public accounting or industry internship. Unique aspects of the internship program include direct recruitment on campus by public accounting and industry recruiters who have a long history of hiring our students; a customized program to prepare students for recruiting season; and participation by alumni of the program to assist current students in realizing career goals.

Our departmental internship coordinator facilitates the internship program. Resume building and mock-interview sessions are available in our business school through Bryan School Graduate Career Services. Successful internships often result in full-time offers prior to graduation. The program has relationships with Big Four accounting firms, large national, regional, and local public accounting firms as well as nationally and internationally known industry partners.

Another benefit of the UNCG MSA program is the opportunity to learn in diverse classrooms, which will enhance your preparation for a career in today’s dynamic global environment. We attract students with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints.

Non-accounting backgrounds are welcome

Don’t worry if you feel that you lack “appropriate” work experience, or wonder if a second career is a realistic option. Our program welcomes students from a wide variety of academic majors, and employers actively recruit Bryan School accounting students regardless of their backgrounds.

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Credit Hours
Core Courses
ACC 638: IT Auditing and Accounting Data Analytics
ACC 642: Specialized Accounting Entities
ACC 651: Introduction to Business Entity Taxation
9 hours
Core Accounting Elective Courses
Select nine hours of study from the accounting program.
9 hours
Elective Courses*
Select nine hours of study from the accounting program.
9 hours
ACC 630: Seminar in Contemporary Accounting Issues
3 hours

All courses are 3 credit hours.

Increase Your Marketability

You may also use your electives and add one extra class to earn a graduate certificate in:

*Elective courses may be chosen from the MSA program as well as courses offered through other graduate programs at the Bryan School of Business and Economics or UNCG. Courses chosen from other graduate programs must be approved by the MSA Program Director and the Program Director for the program offering the course.


Using your accounting elective or general elective courses, pursue one of the following concentrations:

Concentration in Taxation

Select 3 courses
ACC 652 Taxation of Estates, Gifts, and Trusts
ACC 655 Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
ACC 656 Taxation of Flow-Through Business Entities
ACC 688 Advanced Business Law

Concentration in Financial Reporting and Assurance

Select 3 courses
ACC 561 Government and Nonprofit Accounting
ACC 631 Advanced Auditing
ACC 632 Principles of Fraud Examinations
ACC 688 Advanced Business Law
MBA 721 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation

Sample Curriculum

For Non-accounting MAJORS or International students

Applicants are expected to have a basic business background including an introduction to economics, statistics, financial accounting and managerial accounting. Applicants that do not have this background will be expected to meet these minimum requirements before beginning the MS in Accounting program. These basic business courses are offered each semester, including summer. It is possible for students in need of these courses to apply to begin in the fall term and take any necessary introductory courses over the summer. Learn more about the requirements for non-accounting majors in the prerequisite course information below.

MSA Degree Program Requirements

Depending on the student’s accounting and business background, the length of the program will be 30-42 credit hours. All incoming students will complete the Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) core curriculum, electives, and capstone totaling 30 credit hours. A student that does not have an undergraduate degree in accounting or that earned the undergraduate degree in accounting from outside of the United States may have additional curriculum requirements of up to 12 credit hours. Students also have the option to concentrate in Tax or Financial Reporting and Assurance. The MSA does not require a thesis.

Qualifying Prerequisite Courses

ACC 518Intermediate Accounting I3
ACC 519Intermediate Accounting II3
ACC 525Accounting Transaction Processing Systems3
ACC 531Cost Accounting3

Qualifying Prerequisite courses in intermediate accounting will be required for students who do not have an adequate background from their undergraduate degree programs. These courses may be waived for students who have completed equivalent academic coursework and who can meet specific learning objectives. Applicants should consult with the MSA Program Director for course waiver information.

Additional requirements

Non-accounting undergraduate majors will be required to take ACC 602-Federal Tax Concepts and ACC 604-Auditing Concepts as part of the accounting elective hours.

Students that have not previously taken a financial management course will be required to take MBA 707-Financial Management as an elective course.


If you still have questions regarding our MS in Accounting program please reach out to our graduate recruitment team by phone or email. You may also schedule a time to meet with one of our recruiters or attend one of our upcoming information sessions.

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Kiger Chapman

Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment
Phone: 336-334-4657
Bryan 301K
[email protected]

Savannah Martin

Graduate Recruitment Specialist
Phone: 336-334-4657
Bryan 301F
[email protected]

Jess Bankhead

MSA Program Director & Academic Advisor
Phone: 336-334-4657
Bryan 342
[email protected]

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