What I can do with an MS in International Business

Posted on March 02, 2021

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You’re probably expecting this blog post to be like all those other online articles. You know, the ones where a career expert tells you the 10 international business job titles trending in 2018 or the outlook for the highest paying international business careers in the next decade.

Well it’s not that kind of post. You’ll find no Top-10 list here. I’m not even going to give you job titles. (Wait – stick with me!)

I will, however, answer your question. With a Master’s in International Business, you can think beyond, “which job I can get,” because you will be more qualified and marketable for the job that you want.

There was a time when international was an option and a novelty for organizations. Companies would have a separate department that dealt with international clients or suppliers, or some companies would employ people all around the world and their operations were inherently global. Someone with an MS in International Business was perfect for management positions in these organizations or special departments. MSIB graduates also were in demand at all kinds of governmental agencies and NGOs that deal with international issues, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, local Chambers of Commerce, and other types of international development and cooperation agencies.

All of this remains true today.

However, international is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Global operations and a global perspective are integral to operations at almost any organization. It’s hard to imagine there is still a company in the U.S. – no, strike that – in the world, that does not either employ immigrants or expatriates, sell overseas, or have international suppliers or customers.

With that reality, any manager in today’s economy must have an understanding of international business. Everyone wants people who know what to do in this globalized world. Simply managing from a U.S. perspective is not enough. Even if you never leave your country, you still manage in an international context.

Equipped with an MS in International Business, you would be extremely welcome for managerial positions that require the following knowledge and skills:

  • Managing culturally diverse workgroups (e.g. international teams, immigrant employees)
  • Dealing with the movement of products or money across borders (e.g. exporting products to another country, importing supplies, having partners in another country)
  • Activities related to international negotiations
  • Consulting and strategy development for import/exports
  • International and cross-cultural training
  • Attracting foreign direct investment
  • International payments and import tariffs

This list is just a sample. The international business needs are ever growing and expanding. So, people with degrees in international business, especially a master’s degree, are in great demand and short supply. It doesn’t take an advanced business degree to realize that’s an excellent position for you when entering the job market, and it presents a great return on your investment in a master’s degree.

UNCG’s Bryan School of Business and Economics hopes to increase the supply of emerging business leaders with international skills through its online MS in International Business program.

If you’d like to learn more about the MS in International Business program or speak with a recruiter, visit our program page and complete our request for information.


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