Latest News for the Bryan School

The “M” Factor: Sharing the strengths of the millennial generation

Have you heard the one about those lazy and entitled millennials? Generational stereotypes are the basis for a great deal of humor, but they can be damaging for young professionals entering the workplace. While higher education has been focused on the millennial generation for years, many in the … Read More

Tanger Career Exploratory Trek

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. rolled out the red carpet for motivated Bryan School students during a January 27th “Company Trek” to the Tanger headquarters in Greensboro and their outlet center in Mebane. Students were required to apply for the selective event, and review customized business … Read More

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Vision Statement

Our vision is that the Bryan School of Business & Economics shall be recognized as the premier business school among regional public universities in the U.S.

Our Commitment to Academic Integrity

The Bryan School is fully committed to UNC Greensboro’s Academic Integrity Policy, and we expect our students to exemplify the five core values of honesty, fairness, trust, respect, and responsibility. All UNCG students are responsible for upholding the Academic Integrity Policy and for reporting apparent violations to the appropriate persons.


Any allegations relating to a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy are investigated thoroughly. Any violations that are substantiated are subject to a wide range of educational sanctions, including expulsion from the university.


All students should read and become familiar with the Academic Integrity Policy. More information about the Academic Integrity Process can be found on the Dean of Students web site.

Why the Bryan School?

The knowledge and experience you’ll gain from the Bryan School of Business and Economics will help you become the exceptional problem solver that our organizations and communities need.


You’ll learn how to identify solutions ethically, innovatively, globally and sustainably through a combination of courses taught by experienced professors and practical, hands-on experiences.


Everything you learn during your Bryan School experience will position you to make meaningful contributions where you work, live and lead.