Department of Economics

An established legacy of excellence since 1935

The Department of Economics combines commitments to high-quality research and teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The department has celebrated more than 80 years of service in education and developing researchers and continues its innovative practices in response to the changing world.

The department supports the teaching, research, and service missions of the University and the Bryan School of Business and Economics. The Department’s undergraduate courses and programs prepare students for the competitive global marketplace, career and professional development, and graduate education. Its innovative graduate programs, the M.A. in Applied Economics and the Ph.D. in Economics with a focus on applied microeconomics, provide students with a mastery of advanced empirical and analytical methods so they can conduct high-quality research and contribute to the knowledge base in business, government, non-profit, and research settings.

The Department conducts high-quality, nationally recognized research that supports its academic programs, promotes economic understanding and fosters economic development in the Triad, North Carolina, and the broader economy.

Meet the Department Head

Dr. Jeremy Bray

Department Head and Professor


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As part of a Carnegie classified High-Research Activity University, economics faculty bridge research engagement with classroom instruction. The faculty is comprised of both macro-focused and micro-focused economists with a strong research core in applied microeconomics. Faculty research activities include publications in top-tier economic and field journals, sponsored research from private and public funding agencies, and professional service activities.

Students and faculty are highly encouraged to participate in professional conferences, development workshops, the Economics Brown Bag Series which promotes discourse for ongoing research, service in research assistantships, and the Economics Seminar Series events which hosts speakers presenting published works.

The Economics Seminar Series is geared to broaden professional networking opportunities and foster collaboration with students, colleagues, and researchers in the field of economics and related areas of study. Attendees are presented numerous research topics as guest speakers discuss published works from peer-reviewed economics or field journals.  These events provide an opportunity to hear of the outcomes and process behind top research while questions and open discourse are encouraged. Seminars are open to the public.

Working Papers at RePEc IDEAS. Archived Economics Seminars

Upcoming Seminars

No upcoming events are currently listed.

Research Spotlights

Ground control to Professor Link

UNCG economist turns innovation into impact

Most of us recognize the value of research. We’re also more than willing to reap the benefits of new technologies. Electric cars? Full speed ahead! Outer-space vaccine development? Ready for lift-off! Small-business innovation? Entrepreneurialism is the backbone of America! But when we’re asked if we’re prepared to invest in these new technologies—if we want our tax dollars going to support one program over another—we need more information before answering so enthusiastically.

Most organizations echo our reservations. If they are to invest in research and development, they ultimately expect to see a payoff. International institutions, Congress, and even NASA have one resource in common when the time comes to evaluate investments, programs, and payoffs related to innovation: Dr. Al Link. The Virginia Batte Phillips Distinguished Professor in the UNCG Department of Economics has spent the past 30 years helping public and private entities assess how well their entrepreneurial efforts are working.  READ MORE…

Research Spotlights

The Data Wrangler

Imagine you’re working on a treatment protocol to help patients overcome addiction. It’s vitally important to determine whether or not the treatment is effective, so you  conduct a clinical trial. This seems like a straightforward solution, but how useful is your data when the participants, for a variety of reasons, do not always fully adhere to
the treatment protocol? How do you know if — or how well — the treatment works?

“I’m by no means the first person to think about this problem, but my impression is that it is often not accounted for, because it is hard to deal with statistically,” says UNCG Assistant Professor of Economics Martijn van Hasselt. READ MORE…

Research Spotlight

Is It Worth It? Cost Effectiveness of Intervention


“A patient walks into their primary care physician’s office and fills out a short questionnaire about their alcohol use,” describes Jeremy Bray, professor and head of the department of Economics. “Let’s say the patient has four or five drinks a week. The physician will say, ‘You’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work.’”

If the patient’s drinking habits are just outside the recommended range, but not so much as to cause alarm, the doctor offers advice on cutting back. “And if the answers seem to suggest the patient might have a disorder, the physician would encourage them to see a substance abuse professional who can help with an assessment and formal treatment,” Dr. Bray says. READ MORE…

International Collaboration

Part of the Department’s mission is to support international collaboration for education and research. This includes faculty engagement in research, co-authored papers, grant proposals, international travel, lecturing, and building reciprocal relationships with institutions abroad.  The Bryan School has partnered with the Geary Institute for Public Policy at  University College Dublin to offer a summer study abroad excursion for undergraduates majoring in economics.


Thanks to the generosity of our programs’ donors and sponsors, a wide number of scholarship opportunities have been made available to reward exceptional student merit and to foster the continued pursuit of higher education by students with financial need. These opportunities are unique to the Bryan School and its economics programs.

Enrolled economics majors and graduate students may apply for these opportunities through the Bryan School scholarship application process. Awards for the next academic year have an application priority deadline of March 1st.  Financial Aid also provides a multitude of resources to UNCG students to help make their higher education more accessible for qualifying students.

Apply for Scholarships

Margaret Ingrao Bayse Scholarship
Betty C. & Robert C. Brooks Master’s Fellowship in Economics
Leonard L. Brown Scholarship
Amelia Storms Hopkins Scholarship
Economics Faculty Scholarship
Albert S. Keister Scholarship
Iris T. Schnitzer and Stephen M. Schnitzer Scholarship
Melinda Sanford Vialpando Scholarship
Wachovia Fellows Fund

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Economics Department was established in 2015 with the purpose to provide advice and counsel to the department on how it may better serve its students, the University a, d the economics profession.

The Advisory Board functions to:

  • Provide advice to the Department Chair in defining the vision that leads to the betterment of the Economics Department and its students.
  • Provide a network of experienced professionals with whom the department may collaborate.
  • Act as a sounding board for new initiatives and alternative strategies.
  • Serve as liaison between the academic leadership of the economics department and professionals in economics careers.
  • Strengthen the ties between the department and the business community, government agencies, and other potential employers of the graduates as well as providers of internship opportunities.

Serving Members

Mr. Keith Becker
Dr. Gordon Brady, Ph.D.
Mr. David Brown, Esq.
Mr. Kevin Davis
Dr. Christian Gregory, Ph.D.
Ms. Amelia Hopkins
Mr. David Jolley, Chairman
Dr. Brant Morefield, Ph.D.
Dr. Matthew Trombley, Ph.D.