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In March 2017, the Bryan School’s long-standing Economics Club was formally recognized as a student chapter for the National Association of Business Economics (NABE).  Membership is open to all UNCG faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni (up to one year after graduating). UNCG’s NABE student chapter is a student-led organization. The intent of the chapter is to:

  1. Stimulate interest in economics as a major and promote interest in graduate studies in economics
  2. Provide for the mutual association of students who are interested in or who are studying economics, in order to create a forum for the discussion of economic issues
  3. Provide for communication and exchange of experience between students and the business community
  4. Promote and encourage relations between its members and professional economists
  5. Provide a forum for discussion of relevant economic issues by leading economists; business leaders, and faculty
  6. Provide opportunities for students to stay up to date on relevant and important economic issues

For additional information, please contact [email protected].

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