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The Graduate Student Ambassador Program is a partnership between graduate students and the graduate recruitment team that offers participants leadership development opportunities. Graduate Student Ambassadors play an important role in the recruitment of future students by sharing their experiences at recruitment events and answering questions from students accepted to their program.

Graduate Student Ambassadors will share about their graduate program experience, the Bryan School, its professional development services, and beyond. By speaking at events and communicating with prospective students, ambassadors have the opportunity to further hone their skills and develop new ones. Being a student ambassador is a deeply rewarding opportunity on both a personal and professional level.

Program Mission

To serve as the student voice of Bryan School graduate programs to prospective students, provide a positive first and lasting impression, and develop as principled leaders and exceptional problem solvers in a program that personifies what it means to be a Bryan School student.

Membership Eligibility & Duties

Applicants for the ambassador program must have completed at least one semester in a Bryan School graduate program prior to the beginning of their first term of service and possess a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or more.

At the end of each semester, graduate programs have the opportunity to nominate two Graduate Student Ambassadors to represent their on-campus, online, and certificate programs. The nominees are then invited to apply and interview for a position in the program. If there are any available ambassador positions at the beginning of the next semester, an invitation is shared with all eligible Bryan School students. All ambassadors must complete an online application, participate in an interview with a graduate recruiter, and be approved by their graduate program director before being selected for the program.

In order to maintain active status, ambassadors must complete all required assignments for onboarding and represent their program for at least two events each semester. Monthly meetings are designed to offer Graduate Student Ambassadors teamwork skills and leadership development. We estimate that participation in the Graduate Student Ambassador program will involve three hours per month (approximately 10 hours per semester). Click here to meet our current Graduate Student Ambassadors.

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