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Management: The applied discipline that concerns how to get things done with and through people.

A typical breakdown of management functions would be: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. In various management courses, students learn how to perform each of these functions. In addition, managers serve in informational, decisional, and interpersonal roles. In their informational roles, managers tell employees about what needs to be done to advance the business. Then managers are called upon to make decisions about scarce resources. This involves how to allocate resources to accomplish the business’s objectives.

Often, business decisions must be made without complete information or in situations where there is a great deal of uncertainty as what will happen as a result of the decision. Last, the manager speaks for his/her department or unit. This may include communicating to top management or perhaps communicating to newspapers or television. As is clear from the description above, management is a demanding career, but it is also very rewarding for those who are good at it.

For students who want a major that is focused on real-world, career-focused skills and knowledge, the Management Department has offerings for you. We provide students the tools they will need to enter into and succeed in this fascinating and challenging career.


We equip students with the evidence-based knowledge, practical skills, and the character to become global business leaders. Students in the Department of Management benefit from the infusion of critical global economic issues throughout the curriculum.

Meet the Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Management. Our faculty contribute to the development of our students and the economic development of the State of North Carolina and beyond through their teaching, research, and service activities.

We offer majors in international business and business administration. Within the business administration major, students can select concentrations in business studies, human resources, and management.

I invite you to take a few minutes to become acquainted with our courses and degree requirements and to connect yourself with our outstanding faculty and staff.

Dr. Moses Acquaah

Dr. Moses Acquaah,
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