Mission Statement

The Bryan Student Ambassador program at UNCG seeks to inspire students through leadership development. As a Bryan Ambassador, you will interact and engage with prospective students while promoting the Bryan School and its programs and services. You will also provide information and insight about the college as part of recruitment, special events and speaking engagements.

This position is one of high esteem and a source of self-enrichment. Bryan Ambassadors strive to be role models within the college and community and in doing so, can enjoy the tangible benefits of networking opportunities and resume building as you look to your future career.

Minimum Requirements

To be considered for a Bryan Ambassador position you MUST:

  • Commit to Fall, Spring and Summer Terms (or until graduation if less than 1 academic year away)
  • Participate in at least 2 recruitment events each semester (Note: Unexcused absences for committed events will result in dismissal from the Bryan Ambassador Program)
  • Attend all monthly meetings unless advanced notice is given, or an emergency prevents you from attending (Note: Can miss no more than 2 excused meetings per semester)
  • Participate in the Bryan School May graduation ceremony as a Marshal unless you are graduating (Mandatory)
  • Conduct at least 1 Prospective Student Information Session per semester.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements may result in dismissal from the Bryan Ambassador Program. Please speak with the Program Advisor immediately if you feel you are not able to comply with the requirements above, due to unforeseen circumstances.


During the academic year, Bryan Student Ambassadors will assist with general marketing and various forms of recruitment to help promote UNCG and the Bryan School of Business and Economics.

This includes participation in the following:

  • Bryan Ambassador Kick Off and Training (August)
  • Fall Open House (2 dates): (September and/or November)
  • Transfer Information Programs (TIP): (Evenings)
  • Spring Open House: (March and/or April)
  • Prospective Student Information Sessions (Weekly)
  • Bryan Graduation Marshals REQUIRED (May Bryan Graduation Ceremony)
  • Study Abroad promotion to Bryan Students (throughout the year as needed)
  • BUS 115, 215, and 315 Information Sessions (throughout the year as needed)
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